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“Nigeria is not a nation. It is a mere geographical expression. There are no ‘Nigerians’ in the same sense as there are ‘English,’ ‘Welsh,’ or ‘French.’ The word ‘Nigerian’ is merely a distinctive appellation to distinguish those who live within the boundaries of Nigeria and those who do not.”

– Obafemi Awolowo

Our Mission

Bring together all ethnic nationalities to foster a truly federal entity in building a nation state where equality in opportunity, selfless governance and transparency in the management of the collective wealth of the nation is elevated to be the essence of governance.

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Ayo Adebanjo


Kábíèsí Ọba Ọládiípọ̀ Ọláìtán

Deputy Leader

Rotimi Alade-John

Deputy Secretary-General

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Historical Artefacts

It is important to state that AFENIFERE from its inception remained a MOVEMENT of people who are committed to the greatest welfare of the people as enunciated by Chief Obafemi Awolowo under the philosophical caption of Egalitarianism, Life More Abundant.  Afenifere was never a registered political party but it was the propelling Movement of people behind the AG that was registered.

There has never been a time when Afenifere was a cultural organisation.  Egbe Omo Oduduwa which was a cultural organisation for all Yoruba could not be a political organisation as the Yoruba people cherish pluralism and not all Yoruba people would subscribe to the political philosophy of evolving an egalitarian society.