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Afenifere is a membership-based progressive political movement.  It is the expression that best expresses in Yoruba language its social democratic aspirations and beliefs.  Its basic philosophy and principles are as follows:
  1. The human being is the unit, the prime mover and sole purpose of development.
  2. Every human being irrespective of race, colour, creed or gender is created equal.
  3. Every person is a natural shareholder by birth of his group and nation and is therefore entitled to certain inalienable rights that will empower him to have a sound mind in a sound body; rights which are hereinafter stated:
    • Right to free, compulsory and qualitative education up to the secondary school level.
    • Right to free healthcare for the young, aged and indigent persons.
    • Right to good food and affordable housing.
    • Right to full and gainful employment.
    • Fundamental human rights as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and African Charter of Human and Peoples’ Right.
  • The well-being of the people is the sole purpose and raison d’etre of government and the glory of any government is the well-being of the people.
  • Power and sovereignty reside in the people at all times.
  • The practice of democracy expressed through the ballot box and based on free and fair election is the only basis of enthroning a government at every administrative level of government.
  • Every nationality within Nigeria has an inalienable right to self-government in a truly federal structure with the powers of the Federal Government defined b a consensus amongst the federating units.
  • The observance (of the Supremacy) of the Rule of Law.
  • The continuing existence of the corporate entity known as Nigeria can only be sustained on the basis of justice, equity, adherence to the rule of law and observance of these to the letter.
  • All members must at all times exhibit loyalty to the Movement’s decisions taken by its constituted authority in pursuit of common goals and demonstrating self-discipline and selflessness in all positions of service to the Movement or the public.


The motto of the organisation is FREEDOM FOR ALL, LIFE MORE ABUNDANT.


  1. A member shall pay such fees and levies as may be prescribed from time to time by the National/State/Local/Ward/Congress of the organisation.
  2. Upon registering, a member shall be deemed to have:
    1. Accepted to abide by the provisions of the organisation’s philosophy and principles.
    2. Accepted to abide by all lawful directives and decisions of Afenifere or any of its organs; and
    3. Accepted to refrain from acts of sabotage against the organisation or acts that will bring the Movement into disrepute or portray the Movement as lacking in discipline.

Membership shall confer on the individual the right to enjoy all privileges accruing from membership of the organisation.

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