About Our Organization

Our Antecedents

The Yorubas: the descendants of Oduduwa are inheritors of the initiative of Obafemi Awolowo in midwifing the Egbe Omo Oduduwa in 1951. As a result of just one the farsighted policies embodied in the Free Education programme of those days, we are therefore likely to be very highly ranked among the most educated of all ethnic nationalities in the world. Our imprint and impact are recognizable all over the global village that now houses humanity.
The time has come for Afenifere Organization to be transformed into a mass movement to facilitate the realization of its enunciated goals and aspirations for a restructured Nigeria: out of which the Yorubas will be afforded self-determination and self-government at the very minimum as obtained under the 1960/1963 Constitution.

Our Mission

A community for Yoruba people who subscribe to the social democratic philosophy of Afenifere. Freedom for all; life more abundant.

We advocate the welfarist political ideology espoused by the Sage, Late Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo (GCFR) as the foundation for a prosperous and egalitarian society

Afenifere is a time-tested socio-political organization that evolved from the then initial rallying of the Yoruba nation and her citizens to take their destiny and development aspirations in their hands. For years, it has spined off several political bodies with the sole objective of fulfilling the stated mission. It took off as the Action Group: the foremost political party in the pre-independent Nigeria. Then it became the Unity Party of Nigeria during the second republic. Finally, it became the Alliance for Democracy (AD) at the beginning of the present dispensation.

Great Yoruba Heroes

Chief Ajibola Idowu Ige


Chief Oladoke Akintola


Chief Obafemi Awolowo


Chief Abraham Adesanya