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In The Yorubaland, the following principles/questions drive the Omoluabi value system and Grundnorm of Kaaro Oojire.

  1. The first is “Làákà’yè” – The application of Wisdom, Knowledge & Understanding… (“Ogbón, ìmò ati òye”). Hence Yoruba values do not support blind inductrination, or affinity to any religion or creed that refuses us right of reason. All such that exist we term as corruption.
  2. The second is “Òdodo ni Ìwà Omolúàbí” – (Integrity) Someone with integrity is a man/woman of their words. If you have all the wealth in the world but lack integrity and pleasant character, you are not worth much. The combination of Integrity with Character (Iwa), is what we regard as “Omolúàbí”, which describes the totality the Person.
  3. The third is “Akínkanjú” or “Akin” – (Valour-Valiant never taste of death but once)
    That is why “Balógun”s are second-in-command to the Obas in The Yoruba land.
    “Balógun”s are people that can lead them to war. To lead with great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.
    Yoruba people have no respect for cowardice (They die many times before their death).
  4. The fourth is “Anísélápá tí kìíse òle” – (Having a visible means of livelihood) A person must be identified with a visible means of livelihood that guarantees a lawful income or sustenance. His or her profession or job must be open and legally approved by society, and not through cheating or forcefulness, (particularly, robbery and stealing).
    They, most often, have no regard for people with dubious wealth.
  5. The fifth is “Iyi” – (Honour) Yoruba people place a premium on the gait with which individuals carry themselves and public reputation.
    That is why a Yorùbá adage, if translated, states that ‘when you set out to look for money and you meet honour on the way then, you don’t need the journey anymore, because if you get the money, you will still use it to buy honour”.
  6. Ibọwọ fà gbà àti ọmọde, ati ọkunrin ati obinrin – respect for fellow man, be they older, younger, man or woman. Respect begets respect and respect is based on our humanity.
  7. The last in the Yorùbá value system is “Owó tàbí Orò” – (Money or Wealth)
    Anybody who puts money ahead of the other six, is indication of ignobility .

Even if we appear to have not encouraged strict compliance with these values, they will forever exist.

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