The Miseducation of Bola Tinubu : Divide and rule Tribalism versus SMBLF civilizationism

The Miseducation of Bola Tinubu : Divide and rule Tribalism versus SMBLF civilizationism

The Ohanifere jibe and abuse of Pa Adebanjo’s Afenifere leadership is a sign of the rising frustrations from Tinubu campaign’s failure to breed ethnic division and hatred between Yoruba and Igbo for his presidential ambition, as Lagos swings to the Obidients movement for social change.

Out of ignorance of coloniality, he wants to divide the South with colonially inspired Pan Tribalistic perspectives, and the North with Abrahamic religious divisions. Unfortunately, his teachers taught him nonsense, respect to Fela Kuti, and fails to see that Obi will sweep the South and Middlebelt groups, and meritocratic core Northerners, to win in 2023 despite his fanning of tribal and religious embers.

Despite public discourse and scrutiny Tinubu’s formal education remains inconclusive, but his statement of Ohanifere leaves no doubt that he didn’t complete his political education with the Afenifere Babas, before leaving home to prostitute the little he learnt for selfish ambition which is at the verge of failure. Like the Prodigal Son while he took his inheritance and fled, those that remain home with the Old Sages went onto develop a civilizational perspective and powerbase through the South and Middlebelt groups. Worst than Prodigal Son, instead of coming home with a repetant heart, he is rascally throwing stones at his father’s house of Afenifere.

The unification of the collective aspirations of indigenous African groups organically evolved on shared values of regional and cultural justice for all, through restructuring and rotational presidency. The shared political values were not random but, as recent genetic and cultural anthropological evidence shows, indigenous groups share common genetic and cultural origins, which influences their worldview as a bonafide Original African civilization. All indigenous African societies were founded on the same duality philosophy based on 16 sector Original African Information Retrieval System aka Ifa-Afa-Iha-Fa-Efa. We all speak a contiuum dialects of the same mother language that spread across South and Middlebelt, and all the way to Southern Africa known as the Niger Congo ethnolinguistic family.

The world is roughly categorized into four civilizations – Original African, European, Afroasiatic and Asiatic civilizations. The dualistic Original civilization is based on meritocracy, Equity and universal Justice influenced by its live and let live bountiful environment, unlike the other civilizations that are linear and built on a scarcity mentality of arid and freezing wilderness that promotes excessive control through religious dogma and selective justice

The Niger River area called Nigeria like the rest of Africa is made up of two civilizations – Original Indigenous Africans and Afroasians. Unfortunately, the Abrahamic imperialistic civilizations especially the European colonists committed epistemicide to derail our indigenous African worldviews to enable divide and rule which Tinubu is now leaning on to win. In addition to balkanizing the Original African civilization into competing tribes, the British used institutional deciet and violence to break up the Original African civilization, first by cutting off the Northern frontier of the Original African civilization, known as the Middlebelt and adding it to the Sokoto and Bornu Afroasiatic civilization to create the Northern Protectorate.

The colonial demarcation of Nigeria into Northern and Southern Protectorates, which became ingrained into our national consciousness was fundamentally flawed since it neither represented the civilizational boundaries between Southern Kaduna indigenous Africans and the Afroasiatic Zaria Emirate, nor was based on geographic center of Nigeria which is also Southern Kaduna/Abuja. Instead the Northern Afroasiatic Protectorate ate into Original African civilization territory, even below Rivers Niger and Benue. Though later amendments defined most of the Northern Original African groups as North Central, the Northernmost Original Africans of Kaduna were added to the Northwest region, while eastern flank of the Northern Indigenous Africans, the Kwararafans that had protected the Southern Original African heartland from Afroasian imperialism for centuries were added to the Northeast region.

To make matters worse was the April 1st 1939 April Fools Day breaking up of the Southern Protectorate of Original Indigenous African civilizations into East and West to start the Yoruba and Igbo rivalry which a miseducated, decivilized and tribalized Tinubu is now pushing to uncivilized genocidal proportions. Although Nnamidi Azikwe and Herbert Macaulay had come together in Lagos to unify indigenous Africans for colonial independence, the breakup of the Southern Protectorate resulted in rivalry when for the purpose of representative democracy, Yorubas rightly made Azikwe to go to the East for political power and relevance.

The schism between Yoruba and Igbos, the two most populous ethnicities of the Original African civilization paved the way for divide and rule by the Northern Afroasiatic powerbase, whereby Yorubas and Igbos took turns to being political wives of the Northern Afroasiatic civilization. The Original African civilization was splintered into a situation of each of the 300 plus Original African groups adopted a Pan Tribalistic perspective of their group plus the North against everyone. Eventually, as they took turns to being the Northern sidekicks, they gradually realized that without their civilizational unity, none of them would achieve their tribal collective aspirations. Unfortunately due to army coups that replaced our democratic dispensation in 1966 and 1983, we were not able to gather cumulative political wisdom until after 10yrs of this current dispensation, which led to the call for restructuring.

The 2014 Confab provided the opportunity not only to cement the Handshake across Niger between Yoruba and Igbos, but most important was their unity with the Original Indigenous Africans of the Middlebelt. The formation of the South and Middlebelt into the South and Middlebelt Leadership Forum that accounted for 70% of Nigerias population was a game changer, which came too late for Tinubu that had burnt bridges with the South and Middlebelt, hoping that the Northern powerbase and population would be enough for presidency.

Tinubu miscalculation is due to the miseducation and decivilization caused by 1939 April Fools Day split of the Southern Protectorate into Western and Eastern regions, fooling him to believe Nigeria is truly Wazobia with only Yorubas, Hausa-Fulani and Igbo. The miseducation led to overlooking the minorities of the Middlebelt and Delta, whose combined numbers are greater than singular numbers of Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa. Being a self centered politician, he personalized the civilizational unity to Baba Adebanjo which he termed an Ohanifere. Not knowing that it is a formidable team of Afenifere, Ohaneaze, Middlebelt Forum and Pandef. To further cut his support, his Muslim-Muslim candidacy alienated the 40 million Middlebelters that refused to succumb to the Afroasiatic Islamic civilization, wrongly termed Northern Christians.

The Tribalistic Tinubu is a clear and present danger to all indigenous Africans since his unjust presidential ambition rests on the colonially inspired Southern tribal rivalry and the continued exclusionary politics against Northern Original Africans aka Northern Christians. Just like Tinubu assembled unknown bishops to blur the Muslim Muslim ticket exclusionary politics against Middlebelts, he created a fake Afenifere and now throwing tribal insults against the paramount Yoruba sociopolitical organization, Afenifere, that is rightly unifying the South and Middlebelt on Meritocratic civilizationism, justice and equity by backing Peter Obi towards collective aspirations of regional justice through rotational presidency and restructuring, and ultimately for the profitable harmony between Original Africans and Afroasians.

Without rotational presidency to ensure justice and equity between the Original African groups, we will continue to be susceptible to divide and rule and never be able to build a powerbase to politically balance the Northern Afroasiatic powerbase, which would stabilize Nigeria on a two footed political powerbase. Therefore the minorities out of enlightened self interest will vote for Peter Obi and the fulfilmment of the rotational presidency, otherwise none of other 300 groups less populous than Igbos will ever rule, leaving only Yorubas and Hausa-Fulani to rule torever. Rather than self centered Agbero politics, the likes of Chief Ayo Adebanjo and the rest of the Afenifere, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and other Yoruba statesmen are focused on nationbuilding.

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